Our Cause

Hard times hit everyone. We’re here to help.

The Real Way is devoted to helping you get back on your feet.

The Real Way partners with shelters and organizations to provide those who are unhoused or at risk of homelessness with meals and hygiene products. In addition, we provide the support and guidance our students need to find work and restart their careers.

How We Began

From the founder, Syian Wignal:

In December 2019, I saw the pain of kids not having enough toys or a meal for the Holidays and decided to make a small donation to their immediate needs by handing out toys and a few turkeys for the meal. I grew up in the ghetto of Jamaica and most nights are without a warm meal or proper clothing. My dad did all he could, but life was still hard. I ran away from home at 14 and started to make choices for myself.

Our goal is to offer care to those in situations like what Syian had experienced and set individuals up for life long success.

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