Programs & Services

The Real Way offers trainings that focus on basic skills needed to get and keep a job.

We also offer leadership training to help our students advance their careers or explore new opportunities.

Take your first step with us.

 Resume and Interview Skills Training

We will help you to create a resume along with teaching you basic skills on how to complete a job interview. This training can be completed individually, as a small group or in a large group setting.

Job Exploration

We will work through a variety of exercises that will allow you to see your strengths and interests along with possible jobs you might consider in the future. This training can be done individually, as a small group or in a large group setting.

Leadership Training

This is a series of trainings that are designed to help people work on their leadership skills within the workplace. This will be mainly completed in a large group setting where participants will practice the skills they are being taught.

Personal Development Coaching

In life, we must be growing and changing based on what life has given us. This is a series of trainings that will help individuals look at themselves and find ways that they would like to grow and develop as an individual. This will end up being helpful for them in the career world, but the focus is on the individual in this training series. This will be taught in a small group or large group setting.

What Our Students Had to Say

“Thank you for helping me with my confidence and getting my resume updated and corrected! I’m super blessed to have The Real Way Foundation in my corner!”

– Anthony